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What to expect in 2019

What are your priorities? Where does Ohio need to invest to guarantee our state has great public schools, healthy communities, and an economy that works for all regardless of zip code or race?

Ohio elected a new governor in November to replace term-limited Gov. John Kasich. In Ohio, the Governor is required to submit a budget proposal to the Ohio House for consideration and passage. Most years, the Governor will do this in January, but Ohio’s Constitution gives new Governors until March 15th to introduce their budget proposal, and we anticipate Gov. DeWine will introduce his budget around that date.

The Ohio budget is funds three major items: Healthcare (through medicaid), education (pre-k through higher ed.) and incarceration programs. Each year the state spends about $34.5 billion on the variety of state investments. Ohio uses federal dollars, income tax, and sales tax revenue to fund the majority of these services. 

Likely issues: In 2019 the budget deliberations will likely focus on school funding reform (a perennial that may see some new life), local government funding, (the state cut funds in various ways for local communities to pay for income tax cuts for the wealthy over the past 8 years), and addiction treatment. Governor DeWine will also likely prioritize children’s issues, and will likely continue to do so in his administration.

We will be actively engaged in following and speaking out on these issues! 

We hope you all have a Happy New Year!

2017 GRF spending

State revenue
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