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  • Nick Bates

What is “Ridiculous?”

Governor Kasich, or those close to him, has started talking about the state budget process that will begin formally in 2013.  I’ve been thinking about how to respond to some of the things being said, and one Kasich quote in particular stands out.

But let me start by showing you this chart:

Policy Matters Ohio shared this via the Economic Policy Institute data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  And in case it doesn’t make sense right off the bat to you, here’s the bottom line:

Over the last 30 years, wages have gone down for the large majority of Ohioans while the wealthiest have gotten wealthier.  That is ridiculous!

So, when Governor Kasich says “You’ve got to remember a 5.9% income tax is ridiculously high for our state,” I can’t help but note how out of touch the Governor is.  What’s ridiculous is how rich some people are getting while nearly everyone is struggling to maintain.  The 5.9% rate is only for people making over $202,400/year, and even then that rate only affects the 202,400th dollar and above.

Maybe if the last 30 years of trickle-down economics had worked, I’d be along for the ride.  But it hasn’t and it doesn’t.  Which gives me a nice segway to share a cute new video on just that subject:


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