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  • Nick Bates

The Return of Reason?

This week’s big story is whether Governor Kasich will sell, lease, or in some other way go after quick cash with the turnpike.  Add concerns about further prison privatization, questions about a new school funding formula, and whether or not the Local Government Fund will be slashed even further, and there’s certainly a case to be made that we’re still moving in the wrong direction.

But what I’m intrigued by is what appears to be a growing trend of citizens and advocates speaking out about their concerns – and its not just partisan push back on the party in power, it’s more widespread.  We noted the Farm Bureau’s opposition to the severance tax/income tax swap proposed by the Governor.  Here are residents and small business owners questioning the sale or lease of Ohio’s rest areas.  All across Ohio, as the economy improves ever so slightly, we’re beginning to see reasonable people wondering aloud about how we build a successful present and future in our state that benefits all people.

With the state budget approaching, and news leaking out about its components, hopefully we’ll see the return of reason.  It does not make sense to pawn our state’s assets for short term gain, and giving tax breaks to the wealthy through income tax cuts has not worked so far and should not be our plan moving forward.  We need great public services that lead to stronger communities, and the revenue to pay for those services.  And more and more Ohioans will need to continue to make their voices heard in the 130th General Assembly to ensure the pendulum swings toward a future of fairness.

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