• Nick Bates

The Next Big Thing

With presidential debate #2 in the books and November 6th just 19 days away, the state budget is (shockingly!) not on the top of everyone’s mind.  But, it’s going to be moving up the list awfully soon, and we’re getting ready here at One Ohio Now.

Governor Kasich’s push for income tax cuts (that greatly benefit the wealthy), the possibility of a new school funding formula (which hopefully would make sure there is adequate funding for all of Ohio’s children), and Medicaid expansion (which would be a great step for Ohio) are likely to be the top items on the agenda, and we’ll already working with our partners to keep a close eye on the issues.

So, if you want to be one step ahead of the game and get away from the horse race for a minute, spend a few minutes thinking about the state budget (and what some are now calling the “Fiscal Slope“) to get ready for the next big thing in Ohio.

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