• Nick Bates

The Answer: Renewed Investment, Not More Cuts

Governor Kasich talked with the Cincinnati Enquirer’s editors and reporters recently and said he’d veto any legislation that restores local government funds, which were cut by $1 billion in the 2011 budget.  He’s simultaneously said he doesn’t want taxes raised by local communities.  But when firefighters are being laid off and drop out rates are going up, what does he expect?

When public services are cut, communities feel the impacts – in many ways.  In the short term, there are less programs and services that make our lives and communities stronger.  Plus, when people lose their jobs as a result of cuts, there are less community members with income to pay for goods and services to keep local businesses strong.  In the longer term, cuts to public services like education mean we have less highly skilled citizens with the tools necessary to find meaningful work, and businesses will be less likely to find the staff who can effectively meet their needs.

Investments in public services create jobs and grow the economy – now and into the future.  After the massive cuts of the 2011 budget, investment is the answer.  More cuts will only harm our communities.

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