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  • Nick Bates

Tax cuts pass: undermine American priorities

You probably have seen by now that Congress passed their trillion dollar corporate tax cut on Wednesday December 20th. President Trump is expected to sign the bill, however timing is questioned due to rules about deficit growth and cuts to healthcare. While this bill is extremely lopsided toward the wealthiest Americans, (83% of the gains go to the top 1%) this bill is about much more. This was a vote on America’s priorities.

This tax cut was prioritized over:

  1. Funding children’s health insurance

  2. Rebuilding our roads and bridges

  3. Investing in broadband access in rural areas

  4. Creating affordable options for education

  5. Reducing healthcare costs

  6. Supporting hard-working Ohioans struggling to make ends meet

  7. And the list can go on and on of public investments that could have done more to strengthen our communities and create good paying jobs for Ohioans.

Let your Representatives in Congress know that you are disappointed that this bill passed.

This was a hard fought battle, and we want to thank you for making phone calls, sending emails, and attending events to stop this tax cut. Congressional leaders know that this bill is unpopular (55% of Americans disapprove of it) because of your voice! In 2018, there will be many more opportunities to advocate to strengthen our communities.

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