• Nick Bates

Some (Recent) History Would Help: Major School Cuts Happened Just Last Year

The past month or so has brought a slew of tough news for teachers in Ohio’s 3 C’s – Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

First, there was the announcement that Cleveland Public Schools are looking at cutting 650 teachers.

Second, came the school cuts in Cincinnati.

Finally, this piece about Columbus’ pending school budget deficit.

All three cities lost tens of millions of dollars in the last budget cycle. That’s tens of millions of dollars that could be used to ensure teachers jobs are saved and class sizes stay reasonable.

After a total of $1.8 billion in cuts, it shouldn’t be a surprise, and it would be helpful to let readers know at least some of the context to the current funding issues that schools are having across Ohio.

UPDATE: It’s not just the 3C’s – Akron just announced cutting 139 teachers.

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