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SB 327 is a threat to Ohio's communities

No matter what we look like or where we come from, most of us believe in caring for our families and leaving things better for those to come. Some of us give our all as teachers, nurses, or delivery drivers, volunteering at the local food bank or neighborhood cleanup in our spare time. We work hard to contribute to our strong schools and thriving communities.

But a few out of touch lawmakers want to take away our shared resources that deliver the programs, schools, and support all of our families need. Senator Steve Huffman recently introduced SB 327 to eliminate state income taxes over 10 years. The Ohio income tax helps to fund important community services — like schools, clean water, healthy and safe communities. This bill would take away our strong schools and thriving communities that we have worked hard to build.

Together, we can make our leaders deliver for all of us, not just the wealthy. We’re joining together to demand the services and support needed to see ourselves through so that nothing stands in the way of us providing a great life for our families.

Here in Ohio, the state legislature has cut taxes for the wealthy for nearly 20 years, under the guise of creating jobs for hard-working Ohio residents. But the fact is, tax cuts for the wealthy simply don’t work. Ohio continues to trail the nation when it comes to job growth, poverty, unemployment, and wages.

In reality, this is yet another tax shift — massive tax cuts for the wealthy while the rest of us pay higher sales and property taxes. In the end, low- and middle-income families will be affected the hardest while billions of dollars and important resources are forced out of our schools and communities.

By joining together, we’re delivering the quality schools, affordable care, and good-paying jobs that ensure all of our families can thrive.

Add your name to our petition now to oppose the recent income tax cut proposal and ensure we have the resources to educate all of our kids and the services to support all of our families.

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