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News & Notes, September 27, 2013

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Bridges need more attention, Columbus Dispatch

Note: Local governments continue to struggle as a result of state budget cuts over the past two budgets. The Ohio budget has been balanced on the back of counties and local communities. 

Here’s How a Federal Government Shutdown will Affect the Akron Area, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Local, State, and the National government fund and provide great public services that lead to stronger communities. Our communities are strongest when all three levels of government are working together to address social issues. State services will be constrained with a prolonged shut down. Also, it is important to remember that the government does create jobs and many federal government employees in Ohio will be out of work, slowing the economy even further. 

Treasurer Josh Mandel, likely opponent Connie Pillich, differ on municipal income tax reform, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Note:  Many groups have expressed serious concerns about municipal income tax reform (HB 5)  because it will reduce and restrain local governments from collecting revenues and ignores loopholes that already exist. From county bridge maintenance to senior services, recent state policies have already hurt local communities. Municipal income tax reform should focus on simplifying the administration, guarantee that the wealthiest are paying their fair share, and should  not cut revenue.


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