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News & Notes, September 26, 2013

Tea Party punts on 2014 primaries, tax policies draw scrutiny and more: Ohio Politics Roundup, Plain Dealer

Note: The article quotes Marcy Block, an analyst at New York’s Fitch Ratings, who thinks that the “tax cuts and revenue losses in Ohio could lead to structural imbalances.” Tax cuts poll well because everyone wants a little bit more money in their pocket. However, most people do not want a small tax cut if it means cuts to schools, public safety and our community parks. Economists are concerned that Ohio and other states will face deep cuts after the 2014 campaigns end. 

Bus Driver, Akron Beacon Journal 

Note: Did you know that the public school districts must provide transportation to charter schools–regardless of their performance? Many public school districts across Ohio have cut back on transportation as a result of the state failing to invest in an equitable and adequate public school system. Charter schools become more convenient to access even if they are poor performing. We need to invest adequately in public education to make sure that all students have access. 

New legislative Education Funding Caucus will study Ohio school-funding issues, Plain Dealer

Note: A new school funding formula is desperately needed in Ohio to guarantee that a students zip code does not determine their educational success.  Let’s hope that this caucus will be successful in moving towards a just funding system in Ohio. 


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