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News & Notes September 24, 2013

Note: Very few communities are impacted by this set-up where unincorporated land is incorporated into the large city (Ie. Columbus). 19 households have expressed frustration with property taxes collected by Perry Township and the City of Columbus. Both the township and the city of Columbus provide services to these areas, but residents are upset because they didn’t know that the law allowed for the township to levy property taxes onto the annexed land.  

Ohio inmate suicides not limited to mentally ill, Columbus Dispatch

Note: 88 inmates have committed suicide since 2000 in Ohio. Overcrowding and understaffing as a result of budget cuts are listed as some of the reasons that allow this to occur.  We need to invest in our criminal justice system to allow the sentences imposed to be properly administered, to rehabilitate offenders, and prevent recidivism once released. 

$116 million OK’d to replace state Medicaid computer system, Columbus Dispatch

Note: The State of Ohio needs to invest in public services that lead to stronger communities. Often, we do not see the ‘back-end’ of those investments. Citizens can clearly see and debate the value of the services provided, but it is easy to forget the technology and administration that is needed behind the scenes to accomplish these services. 


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