• Nick Bates

News & Notes, October 9, 2013

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News: Success of Rape Kit Initiative Empowers Sexual Assault Survivors, Plain Dealer Notes: Public safety requires the resources.  1 out of 5 women have been raped in Ohio. This staggering statistic emphasizes the crucial need to invest in public safety and our criminal justice system. Through state investments, Ohio has been able to begin testing the massive backlog of rape kits in many communities. However, only 109 communities have submitted their rape kits to the state for testing out of 870 communities. 

News: Councilmen want fewer to be held in Toledo prison, Toledo Blade Notes: We need to invest at all stages of our criminal justice system.  Ohio’s failures to invest in alternative sentencing, recidivism prevention programs, and other proven initiatives have led to issues such as double bunking and prisons that are over capacity with inmates. These facts contribute to the increased violence at the prisons. We need to invest in public services today that will reduce our prison population and make our prisons more just. 

News: Outsourced Government have we Gone to Far? Governing The States and Localities Notes: The article points out that outsourcing government jobs can be effective administration for short term projects. However, in Ohio we have seen the privatization of multiple traditionally governmental functions such as prison food service in Ohio’s most recent budget. Will Ohio recognize that running our correctional institutions is an inherently governmental task that needs governmental resources and staff to carry them out? 


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