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News & Notes October 8, 2013

News: Opportunity Launchpad, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Columbus has done well to grow the economy, and attract people, businesses, and new talent into the region. Columbus, trailing only the Twin Cities, in young adult employment, has invested greatly in parks, bike lanes, and other public services that young adults desire. It is interesting to note, that the St. Paul/Minneapolis area has also had large scale public investments into quality of life services like parks.  

News: Horseshoe Casino tops, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: Casino revenues continue to fall well below anticipated by State officials in 2011. The state of Ohio has cut billions from local governments and the casino’s only restore a fraction of that. In addition, casino revenues to local communities were never meant to replace other funds, but were designed to be extra resources for new and innovative local government projects. Due to the lackluster performance, casino is a bad bet for funding local government services. 


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