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News & Notes October 7, 2013

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News: EXCLUSIVE: Sales-tax bump proposal refocuses county – on where to invest, not cut, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: It is a great day when the conversation can focus on what services our communities need and not on which services to cut. 

News: 911 System Goes Down, Canton Repository Notes: It is easy to complain about government until we need it. When an emergency occurs, everyone expects that they can dial 911 and get assistance, but Sunday morning the 911 system in Canton went down. Dedicated public servants worked tirelessly and were flexible until service was restored. Redundancies in 911 services, bridges, and other government provided services are needed to make sure that the systems always have reliable backups that operate properly. While investigators continue to look into the problems, hopefully Canton will invest in their system to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

News: Capital Insider: Columbus Dispatch Notes: A wrap of multiple news stories. Read to the end for an important note about the tax shift that went into effect in September. Analysts report the same amount of businesses will add jobs in the next 6 months as last year. While the immediate data shouldn’t be taken too seriously, this supports multiple long-term studies that tax cuts are not a good tool for economic development. 

News: Lack of Police Coverage an Issue in Lake, Canton Repository News: State support for local governments through property tax reimbursements, the local government fund, and the estate tax greatly helped townships and counties fund great public services that lead to stronger communities. However, the ongoing trend at the statehouse is to shift funding for services onto local property tax dollars. Many communities continue to fund basic services like police and fire as a result of state budget cuts. 

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