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News & Notes, October 4, 2013

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News: Local voters face over 1,600 issues on November ballot, Hannah Report Notes: Schools and local government have cut public services over the past few years as a reaction to state budget cuts. However, cuts can only go so far. There will be over 1,055 tax issues, 65 of which will regard local income taxes. 

News: Anti-Tax Crusader reaps big payday taking govt to court, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: Group actively seeks out ways to sue the government and collect government resources to invest in their anti-school levy campaigns. 

News: Rules Changing for Abled-bodied adults to receive food stamps, Akron Beacon Journal Notes: Recommendations by Governor Kasich will likely cause 134,000 out of the 1.8million Ohioans to lose their SNAP (Otherwise known as Food Stamps). Most recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) only use it temporarily while in between jobs. However, removing access to food may create even additional barriers to finding economic stability. When families and individuals fall on hard times, we need a strong social safety net that will help those individuals be treated with dignity and help them find economic security again. 


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