• Nick Bates

News & Notes, October 29, 2013

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News: Community Colleges: Expand Need Based Aid, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: $20 million is needed to be invested in students who want to attend community college. Currently, students at Ohio’s community colleges are not eligible for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant, that is need-based aid for low and moderate income students. They were eliminated from eligibility in 2009, when the program funding was cut in half during the recession. A state investment of $20 million will help prepare thousands of students for jobs that are currently in high demand. We have the resources, let’s invest in Ohio’s Future!

News: Ohio gets 570 applications for Straight A fund, Akron Beacon Journal Notes: In the most recently passed budget, the Ohio legislature established a ‘Straight A Fund’ that was designed to offer additional revenue for districts to implement new ideas. Over 570 grants were submitted. This large number indicates that local districts have innovative ideas and know what is needed to best meet the needs of students and the community, but continue to lack resources to meet those needs. Ohio still has not recovered in state funding of our schools. Ohio needs to invest in great public schools that will lead to stronger communities. 


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