• Nick Bates

News & Notes, October 23, 2013

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News: Suit filed over Medicaid expansion; bill to cut taxes introduced, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Medicaid Expansion will increase revenue in Ohio by about $400million as a result of the federal government paying 100% of expansion. Sen. Widener supported Medicaid expansion on Monday and immediately sought to use the additional revenue for income tax cuts. Ohio should invest this revenue into job development, education, and infrastructure that will serve the community, attract business and improve Ohio. 

News: Reducing Economic Inequality, Governing today Notes: Through state and local investments into public services, we can reduce the costs associated with daily life for low and middle income families. These savings will allow the family to invest in their own futures. In Ohio, we have seen multiple schools increase fees for students to participate in classes and activities, cuts to public transportation, and infrastructure. Restoring these cuts will reduce the family expenses and allow them to invest in their own futures.

News: College Prices Appear to be Moderating, Dayton Daily News Notes: This is a good sign for college students across the country as student loan debt is the highest of all debt categories. Now is a time for state legislatures to consider how they can re-invest in higher education to reduce tuition rates for students and reduce the debt that burdens students from investing in an economy. Instead a small tax cut, Ohio could invest $400 million into reducing tuition for all Ohio students. 


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