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News & Notes, October 16, 2013

News: Will tax issue ‘merry-go-round’ wear out voters, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: Schools, parks, social services, and libraries are just a few of the many local services that receive substantial revenue from local property taxes.  As a result of the past two state budgets, local communities receive much less revenue from the state.  In Ohio we need to guarantee diverse sources of revenue from sales, property and income taxes to make sure we can invest in Ohio’s future. 

News: Council Majority sends letter criticizing prisons to governor, Toledo Blade Notes: State government is responsible for our state correctional institutions. While we need to invest in crime prevention, we also need to make sure that our facilities are safe for guards and prisoners alike. As a result of overcrowded facilities, Ohio is falling short on our obligation. 

News: Senate Leader Expects Medicaid to Clear Ohio Board, Dayton Daily News Notes: The 7 person controlling board is the body that actually authorizes the spending of money.  Governor Kasich was unable to receive legislative approval for Medicaid Expansion during the budget debate last spring, but will ask the Controlling Board to authorize the spending federal money to expand medicaid to 275,000 people. The federal government funds the expansion at 100% for the first three years, and will scale back to be a 90%-10% cost sharing between the federal government and the state. 


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