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News & Notes October 10, 2013

News: Analysis: Do Business-Friendly Tax Climates Yield The Most Jobs? Governing the States and Localities? Notes: The Tax Foundation’s 2014 Business Tax Competitiveness Index were released on Wednesday, but what do the numbers actually mean? As Governing points out, the rankings are not correlated with economic performance, employment numbers, or other positive outcomes that we desire. Tax rankings are highly subjective and rarely consider all the factors. Also, most businesses end up paying about the same between most states…

News: Additional Preschool Seats are Coming, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: Government can help those most in need. Ohio will have 2,450 more slots for kids to attend preschool thanks to a small investment by the state of Ohio. While Ohio still has a long way to go in guaranteeing preschool options for all kids, we have taken a step in the right direction. Ohio needs to build on this and Invest in Ohio’s Future.

News: Hamilton County has Shrunk by a third, has anyone noticed? Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: Yes, many people have noticed with delays in processing home purchases, less public safety, and other shortcomings.  Franklin County engaged in a balanced approach to budgeting by raising revenue and becoming more efficient to survive the 2008-09 recession. Hamilton county has cut services frustrating individuals, businesses, and closing prisons. As the article points out, YES people have noticed that we are not investing in great public services that lead to stronger communities. 


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