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News & Notes November 8, 2013

Happy Friday! Enjoy Your Weekend!

News: Bridge Repair is a Sound Investment, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Yes it is. Investment in infrastructure does many things: Creates Jobs, prevents catastrophe, helps businesses move goods to market, and helps families travel safely to grandma’s house for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. The article fails to mention that most bridges are the responsibility of county engineers and not the state. As a result of continuing state cuts to the local governments, counties have struggled to maintain these bridges. $120 million is helpful but still a long way off from the over $1billion cut over the past few years in the state budget from local governments. 

News: 8 Shuttered Charter Schools lacked for students, not state money, Columbus Dispatch Notes: We need to invest in great Public Services that Lead to Stronger Communities. Ohio needs to continue to address our school funding issues and develop systems that provide equity between districts. We should strive to create equitable opportunities for all students and make sure that the education they receive is adequate to meet the demands of a 21st century world. We need to invest in Ohio’s Future, today! 


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