• Nick Bates

News & Notes November 6, 2013


Notes: Advocates, community leaders, and citizens will spend the day discussing the results of yesterday’s elections, and identifying how to move forward.  Some local issues passed while others failed. Many are happy with the elected local leadership in their community, while others are disappointed. The message moving forward is that Ohio remains a diverse state, with many community needs.

Elections are only a part of the democratic  process and a reminder that our government is is not a far off controlling power. Instead,  our government is us; We are the government. Moving forward from local elections, we all need to work with our local, state, and national leaders to help them prioritize our communities, identify ways to solve problems, and Invest in Ohio’s Future. 

Find links to major newspapers around Ohio and their election night summaries:

News: Election Results, Akron Beacon Journal  News: Greater Cleveland school districts win half their requests for tax increases, Plain Dealer News: Voters Soundly Defeat Columbus School Levy, Columbus Dispatch News: City Pension Amendment Soundly Rejected, Cincinnati Enquirer News: Collins Defeats Belle, Toledo Blade News: Highlight of Tuesdays Election, Dayton Daily News


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