• Nick Bates

News & Notes November 5, 2013

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News: Granting Opportunity, Toledo Blade Notes: The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) was cut by $224 million in 2009 and denied Community College students access. By restoring these funds, Ohio can improve access and opportunity for thousands of Ohioans attending 2 year degree programs, anchor them in the communities, and create a strong workforce that will attract businesses to inveset in Ohio. 

News: School levies are the big issue for Ohio Voters, Public News Service Notes: Ohio voters will decide on 194 school issues, 72 of which are asking for new money.  School financing in Ohio is a mixture of state and local funding. The state of Ohio continues to underfund public education, including $607 million less in the most recent budget compared to 2010-11 budget. 

News: Vote Tuesday, It Matters, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: A great editorial reminding people about the importance of local elections. From school board to city council, Ohioans have many leadership positions to fill and 1,678 local issues to vote on. 


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