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News & Notes November 25, 2013

News: Ohio needs to give poor schools more resources, Plain Dealer Notes: It is almost cliche to say that children our the future and a good education is the bridge out of poverty. Yet, it is true. Howard Fleeter’s Apples-to-Apples comparison of school funding schools clearly how we are under-investing in our schools. Ohio needs to restore the $607 million cuts to K-12 education, invest in early childhood education, and make sure that students have access to post-high school opportunities. Let’s invest in Ohio’s Future!

News: Aid Sought for Students seeking two year degree, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Students attend Ohio’s top-notch community colleges are ineligible for a state grant to help cover tuition expenses. The Ohio Association of Community Colleges is calling on the state legislature to invest $20 million into students who seek a high quality education. Businesses continuously say they need more trained skilled workers, and our community colleges are a key component of that. We have the resources, let’s invest in students instead of more tax cuts. 

News: More Ohioans sign up for welfare, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Data can be interpreted many ways. Ohio’s welfare rolls inched upwards last month after 20 months of declines. However, the enrollment numbers are less important than the number of Ohioans that continue to struggle to meet their daily needs. Welfare enrollment numbers can be increased by expanding benefits and decreased by cutting benefits. Sadly, Ohio has cut many resources and imposed requirements that reduce the number of people receiving assistance without creating economic stability for many Ohio families. We need to invest in great public services that lead to stronger communities. 


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