• Nick Bates

News & Notes November 22, 2013

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News: Dual Eligible, Akron Beacon Journal Notes: Education is key to developing a strong workforce and many Ohio students start their college curriculum while still in high school. With state budget cuts, schools struggle to find ways to finance these programs. As conversations continue on how to finance these systems, we cannot remove the responsibility of the state to help pay, because a well educated workforce benefits all of Ohio.

News: Northwest Ohio luring Japanese Firms, Toledo Blade Notes: Japanese companies point to many factors that make Ohio an attractive place to do business. Infrastructure and the quality of our workforce top the list. As Ohio looks to recover from our anemic job performance over the past 8 years, we should identify what talents and resources we have and invest in those. We have prime location in the U.S., low cost of living and great workers. Let’s invest in Ohio’s Future. 


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