• Nick Bates

News & Notes November 14, 2013

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News: Legislators, Interest Groups offer ideas for Spending $404 million from Medicaid Savings, Columbus Dispatch Notes: School funding is $607 million below 2010-11. Children’s Hospitals are concerned about losing $68 million. Opiate addiction is a serious health risk for Ohioans, and putting a strain on our mental health and criminal justice system. Ohio needs to fix 5,700 county bridges. Ohio’s veterans are deserving of our assistance in finding safe, decent and affordable housing and other services that they need. We can invest in these services or give 80% of Ohioans less than $3 a month. 

News: Ohio House Okay’s local income tax overhaul, Toledo Blade Notes: Legislation originally intended to create uniformity and simplicity in Ohio’s local income tax system will reduce the tax responsibility of many businesses who are profitable. After a 50% cut to the local government fund, elimination of the estate tax, revenue sharing reductions, and the elimination of the property tax rollback, Ohio’s local communities continue to feel the pinch from Columbus. We need wealthy corporations to pay their fair share, and not pass along their responsibility to others. 


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