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  • Nick Bates

News & Notes May 8, 2014

News: Raise taxes or cut services in Chagrin Falls, Plain Dealer Notes: Often, the Ohio budget looks like a collection of random letters and accounts. The PLF and LGF don’t really have much meaning to most of us – but our county, city and township leaders know what these letters mean. The elimination of the estate tax and a 50% cut to the Local Government Fund (LGF) have left communities across the state trying to fill major budget holes. Chagrin Falls needs to replace $1 million in state budget cuts or cut services like parks, police, and road maintenance. 

News: Ohio Voters approve majority of school issues, Channel 3 Cleveland Notes: 27 of 65 requests for new money were approved while 75 of 84 renewal school levies passed. In Ohio, revenue for schools does not increase automatically as your house value increases.  New money eventually is needed otherwise districts cannot keep pace with rising fuel, food, and building costs. 


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