• Nick Bates

News & Notes May 7, 2014

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News: Drivers will pay toll to cross the Ohio river under new bill, Dayton Daily News Notes: We need a new bridge connecting Ohio to Kentucky. The question becomes should we allow a private corporation to reap profits from tolls, finance the bridge with tolls owned by the state, or invest as a state to allow a free bridge for business and commuters to use?  We have to pay for our infrastructure one way or another. 

The House Ways & Means Committee will resume hearings today – May 7th – to discuss the severance tax.  It appears the new proposal will have a rate of 2.5% on gross receipts, with $21 million continuing to go toward ODNR, regulatory expenses and projects (no change), and 15% going toward local communities impacted by drilling activity.

Visit the Secretary of State’s Webpage for an updated list of all primary election results from May 6.

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