• Nick Bates

News & Notes March 3, 2014

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The chorus against income tax cuts continue to grow within the media as well. Editorial boards continue to identify areas that Ohio should invest in lieu of another income tax cut. Investments in infrastructure and increased vocational training will better serve businesses in Ohio.

The Plain Dealer also calls for smart public investments – specifically to treat opiate addiction. There continues to be bi-partisan support to treat addiction as the mental health issue that it is. One of the bills before the legislature calls for an investment of nearly $200 million.

Athens City Council supports a higher state severance tax and wants the new revenue to be invested in local communities. Councilwoman Chris Fahl spoke against the Governor’s proposal to use severance tax revenue for an income tax cut. She said, “such an income tax cut would more likely benefit the richest 1 percent — not the average person in Athens County.”


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