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News & Notes March 19, 2014

News: Tax cut defines Kasich’s budget review, but other ideas matter more, Cleveland Plain Dealer: Notes: The Editorial Board highlights that their is ‘scant evidence’ that income tax rate cuts will help Ohio’s economy and address the totality of the MBR. 

News: With Higher Taxes, How Many Smokers Would Quit, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: A 60 cent increase will have a minimal public health benefit. Many public health advocates argue for a larger increase to promote cessation efforts. In addition, none of this new revenue will be invested into cessation efforts, despite a CDC report that shows Ohio needs to invest about $145 million. Senator Bill Seitz, (R-Green Township) also raises an issue of regressivity – that this new tax will primarily impact low income Ohioans to finance an income tax cut for the wealthiest Ohioans. 

News: Lt. Governor Candidate Blasts Kasich Tax Proposal, City Beat Notes: Lt. Governor candidate Sharon Neuhardt discussed the proposed tax cut package in the MBR – highlighting that it will not benefit low and middle income Ohioans.

News: Kasich unveils $2.4 billion construction budget, Dayton Daily News Notes: The Capital Budget uses bond revenues to finance infrastructure projects across Ohio. The Governor advocates that this bill will create jobs and improve our communities. It is important to note that the scale of this bill is relatively small compared to the general revenue fund and these investments are  a similar amount to the income tax cut proposed in the MBR. 


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