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News & Notes June 23, 2014

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News: Tilt of the Governor, Akron Beacon Journal  Notes: The Governor signed another tax cut last week costing the state over $400 million. 50% of the cut will go to the wealthiest 5% of Ohioans. 

News: Ohio’s Economic Recovery, Not a Simple Tale, Columbus Dispatch Notes: The national recession and recovery have more to do with Ohio’s economy than state level decisions. Tax cuts simply have not worked in improving Ohio’s economy. In fact, Ohio is lagging much of the nation. The simple reality is that governor’s have the most impact in creating great public services that will be the foundation of a strong economy into the future. Investments into reliable infrastructure, schools, and public safety are prudent ways to grow an economy over the long term. 

News: Wages flat in Ohio, decline locally, state job growth below national average, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: The unemployment rate does not reflect Ohio’s unemployment picture for Ohioans. Ohio’s unemployment rate is dropping because too many people have been unemployed for so long that we stop counting them. Job growth is slow and far too many new jobs are part-time and low wage. This will continue to drag the rest of Ohio’s economy downward. 


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