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News & Notes July 31, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget-Related Headlines…

Company leaving Columbus but staying in Ohio with State aid, Columbus Dispatch Note: Are the wealthiest corporations paying their fair share?  Corporations continue to play community and states against each to get tax cuts for market driven decisions. Do tax cuts for corporations create jobs or just shift jobs from city to city and state to state? 

Road, Bridge Repair the purpose of third levy Fairfield County Commissioners place on Nov. Ballot, Columbus Dispatch Note: Fairfield County voters will have the opportunity to vote on property tax levies to support Meals on Wheels, their libraries and road maintenance.  Do you think the state should provide more support for these three public services that enhance the local community?

Student Loan Compromise heads towards final vote, Dayton Daily News Note: Higher education remains expensive in Ohio.  When will we begin to identify realistic ways for Ohio to invest in Ohio’s colleges & universities so that we can bring down the cost of tuition?

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