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News & Notes July 29, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget-Related News…

Kasich makes wise investment in Cleveland’s Opportunity Corridor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Note: State investment in infrastructure will create jobs and lead to stronger communities. However, the infrastructure in Ohio needs a 21st century plan for revenue and development. While this investment is good for Cleveland, we want to ask what is the vision for infrastructure development over the long-term in Ohio….

Program that tackles teen pregnancy set to close: Deep Budget Cuts force switch in East Toledo, The Toledo Blade

Note: Local programs that are administered through non-profit organizations like the YWCA or YMCA often receive a mix of local, state and federal revenue. Budgets impact real people. 

Tecumseh seeks new Operating money for the 10th time, Dayton Daily News

Note: Tecumseh has not passed a levy since 1995. It is already hard enough to pass local levies, and the Ohio budget is making it harder.

Ohio Cancels Property Tax Rollback, Toledo Blade

Note: The property tax rollback further shifts the responsibility of paying for great public services onto regressive tax structures at the local level. 

Penn National saves $3 million in local and state taxes, Youngstown Vindicator

Note: Are the wealthiest corporations paying their fair share to support great public services that lead to stronger communities? 

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