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News & Notes July 25, 2013

Capital News: Medicaid, Oil and Gas Tax noticeably absent from Budget, Streetsboro Gateway News.

Note: Are the oil and gas companies paying their fair share? The industry puts heavy use on our infrastructure and therefore they should have to pay their fair fair to keep it maintained. 

Turnpike is being Redefined, Youngstown Vindicator

Note: The turnpike bonds create needed revenue to invest in infrastructure. However, this is one time money that will be paid back with a toll increase. Ohio needs to look at real solutions that will guarantee that we can invest in great 21st century transportation system. 

Ohio lawmakers aim to end high infant mortality rates, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Note: Ranking 48th in infant mortality is a failure for Ohio. We need to listen to the experts, identify realistic solutions, and have a vision that Ohio can be number 1!

New State budget shifts more tax burden to residents, Upper Arlington News 

Note: The state continues to fill it’s rainy day fund by continuously cutting revenue sharing and reimbursements to local communities. The continued shift away from state investments in our schools will create further inequality among Ohio’s schools and services. 

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