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News & Notes January 8, 2014

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Thomas Sowell commentary: Trickle-down economics is a figment of liberal imaginations, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Our Governor and legislative leaders may not be using the term “trickle-down economics,” but they openly and consistently advocate for tax changes that benefit the wealthiest Ohioans the most while promising jobs and economic growth for everyone. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the jobs and economic growth for everyone, and instead Ohio’s cut billions of dollars from the public services that make our communities stronger – K-12 and higher education, roads and bridges, police and fire, and more.

News: Proposal ups state borrowing to aid local infrastructure projects, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Democrats and Republicans agree – Government investments creates jobs. The governor and legislative leaders are trumpeting their plans to expand state debt to finance large scale ‘capital’ projects – like building new parks, libraries, or bike lanes in cities. However, after the initial investment is completed, Ohio will still need state support to hire librarians, street maintenance crews, and park staff to manage these state investments. We need a strong income tax in Ohio to make sure we have the resources to fund the day-to-day operations of these great public services that lead to stronger communities. 

News: Ohio’s 4 casinos had revenue declines in December, Dayton Daily News Notes: State revenues from the casino’s continue to be below expectations, and fail to replace the 50% cut to the Ohio local government fund. 


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