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News & Notes January 23, 2014

News: Ohio House planning Changes to Fracking-Tax Bill, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Close to 20 witnesses testified yesterday that they would like to see public investment from an increased severance tax on fracking in Ohio. Many witnesses testified that they would like to see dollars invested into local governments impacted by drilling, long-term economic development plans made, and environmental concerns addressed. Liberals and conservatives testified that state public investments are needed in Appalachia as a part of the oil and gas fracking boom begins. 

News: Ohio House Adopts $1.875 billion bond renewal for May Ballot, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: The chorus of public officials calling on more public investment continues to grow. The bond package is a small increase over current bond-financed investments.  These bonds will help improve public lands, create jobs, and improve the quality of lives for Ohioans. We hope that the officials who are supportive of these bonds will also be supportive of financing other state investments into education, healthcare, public safety, and strong communities. 


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