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News & Notes January 2, 2014

News: Jobs, taxes, health care all key statehouse issues from 2013 and likely to remain in the forefront for 2014, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: Tax and budget policy were center-stage in Ohio for much of 2013 and they will remain there in 2014 with the Mid-Biennium Review (MBR), the Capital Budget, and another push on the failed policy of tax cuts. In 2014, we hope that the legislature will invest in Ohio’s future and not more tax cuts for the wealthiest Ohioans. 

News: Governor Kasich to work on plan to market Ohio, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Governor Kasich states that Ohio must cut the income tax to attract jobs back from Texas and Florida. People move for nicer weather, job opportunities, and family reasons. Research shows that cutting state income taxes is a poor method of job creation and that people do not migrate because of tax rates. We need policy that is founded on facts and research as opposed to a philosophical belief in lower taxes.

News: Jobless-insurance tax rises again for Ohio employers, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Debt financing is not a bad thing. When a good deal comes forward or there is a critical need, borrowing is very important. Ohio needs to make sure that we manage our debt responsibly, and we make sure that we can manage our debt responsibly.  Cutting the Ohio income tax rates (again) will likely prevent our state from paying off federal loans, maintaining our high credit rating, and paying off bonds for capital projects. It is not fiscally responsible to give massive tax cuts to the wealthiest Ohioans when others are still trying to climb out of the recession. 


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