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News & Notes January 14, 2014

News: Sales Taxes hurt the Poor, Speakers Say, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Mahoning County is debating whether or not to raise the county sales tax to fund public services. They are dealing with repeated cuts of state support for local government services and continue to scramble to find revenue, and can only raise revenue through regressive taxes such as sales or property. Local advocates are concerned that low income people are paying more than their fair share in Ohio, while the wealthiest Ohioans are not. Restoring local government funds at the state level would be a step in the direction of fair tax system for local communities.

News: Slip in Casino Revenue worries local officials, Columbus Dispatch Notes: When Ohio voters approved casinos, the goal was to use the new revenue for new projects. However, after massive cuts to local government spending and education, many communities want to use the casino revenue to fill budget holes. However, casino revenue continues to come in far short of original expectations and previous totals. 


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