• Nick Bates

News & Notes, February 17, 2014

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News: Local Colleges seek $50million for major projects, Dayton Daily News Notes: The Governor will likely release the Capital Budget in the next week or two. This bill will primarily use debt finance bonds to fund infrastructure and building projects. Ohio’s colleges have decided how they will divide $400 million over the next two years. While the capital budget offers some needed investments, it is a fairly small budget compared to the overall general operation budget. 

News: Tax plan rankles oil and gas industry, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: If Ohio intends to drill for oil and gas, Ohio needs oil and gas drillers to pay their fair share for the right to profit from our resources. HB 375 – drafted with heavy input from the oil and gas industry has been modified slightly based on overwhelming input from the local communities impacted by drilling activity. However, even the modest changes do little to address the need for Ohio to invest in local communities and long-term economic stability for the region. 


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