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News & Notes February 12, 2014

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News: Listen and Learn, Akron Beacon Journal Notes: We should set a goal that kids will be able to read by the third grade. However, punitive actions are not the right approach when we are underfunding school districts that teach the kids. We need to increase the availability of tutors, reading specialists, and reading enrichment programs in the early years to help kids gain the foundational skills for education. Ohioans have a choice – invest in Ohio’s children or another income tax cut. 

News: Why Ohio must tackle infant mortality, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: We can reduce infant mortality in Ohio by increasing awareness, developing parenting classes and providing resources to new parents who are struggling financially. Ohio can invest in targeted public awareness campaigns, classes for new parents, and much more to reduce infant mortality rates. These investments will save lives.  

News: Earnings gap between college and high-school grads widest in 48 years. Youngstown Vindicator Notes: You will earn more money with a college degree. However, the student loan debt crisis continues to place a burden on upward mobility and economic growth. Therefore, if we reduce tuition costs, and help more students access a college degree, Ohio can increase wages and rebuild a middle class. The State of Ohio can invest in actually reducing college tuition throughout the state or provide yet another income tax cut – primarily going to the wealthiest Ohioans. 


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