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News & Notes December 17, 2013

News: Cafaro: Teddy’s law links schools, agencies to protect kids, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: School districts do much more than teach our children to read, write, and do arithmetic. Ask a school teacher about the impacts of poverty, abuse, and family breakdown on their students. Ohio needs to develop programs that strengthen the links between our schools, children services and other social service providers to help our students have a good quality of life and succeed in the classroom. 

News: Report Ranks States with Best and Worst Tax Administration, Governing Notes: Ohio scores an A for state tax administration by the Council on State Taxation (COST). Efficient administration of courts, taxation, and other governmental services are factors that improve opportunities for individuals and businesses. Tax cuts force cuts to administrative procedures, that hurt our efficiency. 

News: Worker Output rises at fastest level in 4 years, Columbus Dispatch Notes: American workers are not lazy and continue to perform better for their companies. Income inequality continues to grow because workers are not receiving the profits from the increased productions – instead those go to the wealthiest few. Middle class families continue to see school fees increase, cuts to parks and recreation services all while working harder.  We 

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