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  • Nick Bates

News & Notes December 11, 2013

News: GOP Bill sets low drilling rates in Ohio, Columbus Dispatch Notes: The severance tax in Ohio is extremely low and does not reflect the current economic realities of oil and gas drilling in Ohio. Updating the severance tax to a reasonable level is the prudent decision, and the new resources should be utilized to serve the needs of all Ohioans and not just the wealthiest in another income tax rate cut. While a step in the right direction, HB 375 would undervalue the resources that are beneath our feet and allocate the additional resources improperly by funding income tax cuts. 

News: Ohio falls to 40th in health rankings, Columbus Dispatch Notes: State rankings compile a lot of data and simplify it into a single number. These are very helpful starting points, but we need to remember to look behind the single number at the remaining data. While Ohio has made some progress – that should be applauded – in our state’s health and well being, Ohio still lags many other states on many other indicators. Likewise, when we look at tax rankings from the Tax Foundation or ALEC, we should look behind the single number and look at what is actually measured. Most importantly, does Ohio want to be remembered for low taxes or for having a strong and healthy community? 


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