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News & Notes August 9, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget Headlines…

Voters across state reject most new school levies, Columbus Dispatch Notes: We need to invest in our schools to shrink class sizes, provide extra assistance when needed, and develop unique and innovative educational opportunities that will inspire students to achieve their full potential. The State of Ohio continues to ignore the questions of  equity and adequacy in state funding.

Climate-change bus tour touts Great Lakes funding in Toledo, Toledo Blade Notes: Efforts to protect our environment will improve our communities, attract business, and make Ohio a great place for everyone.  Let’s invest in protecting our environment!

Voters will face difficult choices, Coshocton Tribune Notes: Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, 911 Services, vocational education, and senior services will be on the ballot for local residents of Coshocton County. It is important to remember that when the state budget fails to invest adequately in local governments, these are just a few of the services that are not being funded. 

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