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News & Notes August 7, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget Related Headlines…

Grants to provide AmeriCorps workers, benefit local shelter in fight against Toledo area sex trade, Toledo Blade

Notes: Through Federal, State, local, and non-profit investments, the Toledo area will seek ways to help youth who are victims. Government programs can work to serve real needs in our communities. 

Fewer Ohioans use cash, food assistance, Cincinnati Enquirer

Notes: While the national economy improves, need decreases. About 1/2 of those in need are children. ODJFS points out that they are expanding food assistance efforts to farmer’s markets which helps local farmers and communities.  We need to continue to develop new and innovative ways to end hunger for all of Ohioans. 

School Levy Articles

Voters in Swanton, Perkins school districts reject bond issue, levy, Toledo Blade

franklin school levy fails, Dayton Daily News

Wins, Losses, and Yes Ties in Tuesday’s Election, Cincinnati Enquirer

Notes: Many school levies were on the ballot yesterday across Ohio. Ohio needs to have a diverse source of revenue for schools and other public services including property, sales, and income taxes. The most recent state budget still ignores the call for an equitable and adequate school funding formula. Many districts have already made cuts to services as a result of the last budget, and many will continue to make cuts to programs that our children rely upon. 

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