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News & Notes August 5, 2013

Today’s Top Budget-Related Headlines…

Tax Cuts Job Creation Questioned, Columbus Dispatch

Notes: The Tax cuts are unlikely to create new jobs. The academic research shows that state income tax cuts are a poor job creator and may actually harm the state economy by forcing cuts to great public services that lead to stronger communities. Ohio has continued to cut taxes since 2005 and we remain 47th in job creation since that time. 

Art Funding Increased in New State Budget, Dayton Daily News (Account Access Required)

Notes: Public investments in the arts empower people, create jobs, and improve the cultural appeal of our communities. The article states that, “A 31.8 percent bump in Ohio Arts Council funds in the latest state budget will provide more resources for arts programs in the Dayton area.The Ohio House and Senate approved a $22.6 million budget for the OAC for FY 2014-2015, which translates into 478 grants totaling $9,287,064 — a 26.4 percent increase in available grant money over last year. Recipients must match those state grants with private and public funds.”

Ohio’s Economy: Comeback or Train wreck, Cincinnati Enquirer

Notes: There are many ways to evaluate an economy. New Jobs, unemployment rate, number of hours worked. All are in agreement that more needs to be done to get Ohio’s economy going again. Researchers point out the fact that a well prepared workforce is needed to attract businesses and help businesses grow in Ohio. We need to invest in educational opportunities for ALL Ohioans! 

Disinvestment Grade, Akron Beacon Journal 

Notes: We need investment in public works not just at the federal level but the state level as well. Ohio had the resources to invest in public safety, education, and other public works. The foundations of the Ohio economy are Ohioans. We need to invest in Ohioans and Ohio communities!

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