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News & Notes August 27, 2013

Today’s Top Budget Related Headlines…

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of former Governor Gilligan who passed away yesterday at the age of 92. 

Ohio Tax Chief, Ohio Businesses Should Cut Rates, Dayton Daily News

Note: The first phase of the income tax cut will go into effect beginning September 1st. While we can all expect to have a few extra pennies in our paychecks, we need to remember that these are pennies that will not be invested in local schools to reduce class sizes, fire departments to upgrade equipment, or into our bridges to make them more safe. At the end of the three year phase in of the 10% income tax cut, community services will lose billions of dollars worth of investment and most Ohioans (about 80%) will receive less than $35 over the course of the year. 

John J. Gilligan, 1921-2013, Hero to those Left Out, Columbus Dispatch

Former Gov. John Gilligan, who died Monday at age 92, is remembered as champion for Ohio’s poor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Former Ohio Governor has Died, Dayton Daily News 

Former Governor saw Nobility in Politics, Cincinnati Enquirer

Note:Gilligan served as Ohio’s governor, congressman, and on Cincinnati City Council.  He is credited for creating the Department of Transportation and working to modernize and humanize our mental health and prison systems. In addition, he pushed and passed Ohio’s first statewide income tax to fund great public services that lead to stronger communities. Officials from across the political spectrum recognize Gilligan’s passion for service and moving state government forward. 

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