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News & Notes August 26, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget Headline…

Is ‘right-sizing’ government hurting Ohio’s Economy, Columbus Dispatch

Note: Ohio has lost 6% of its public sector employees over the past 4 1/2 years. The loss has been steeper in Ohio than many other states and the loss of these public sector jobs impact our communities in two ways.

First, we have less services available. Police and fire protection are less than what they were before. Class sizes have increased. We have fewer social workers to help kids in bad situations. We have fewer community services available. 

The second impact, that is the focus of this piece, is that there are fewer jobs available and causing the economic recovery to be much slower. “A job is a job — whether you’re working at Ford, Nationwide, the state of Ohio or a municipality, it’s still income that spends in the local economy,” said Hannah Halbert, policy liaison for Policy Matters Ohio.”  By investing in great public services that lead to stronger communities, Ohio can help get our economy back on track.

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