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News & Notes, August 23, 2013

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Today’s Top Budget Related News…

Company with JobsOhio Tax Credits moves execs to Illinois, Columbus Dispatch

Note: The corporation states, “Lawrence said Rittal chose the Chicago area for its headquarters because of better access to international flights, access to worker-training programs, and sister companies’ locations there.” Illinois investments in infrastructure, well trained workforce, and other corporations have a large impact on economic development. Ohio needs to make sure that we invest our money wisely to build stronger communities. 

6 Components of the New Ohio Report Cards, Dayton Daily News

Note: Investments into education are needed in Ohio and we need to always be striving to identify ways to improve our districts. We can improve our schools by shrinking class sizes, providing students additional resources when needed, and have lots of cultural and academic enrichment experiences. Will this new report card help us to make more investments into these areas? 

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