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News & Notes August 22, 2013

Indicted State Rep Talks Taxes, Not Resignation, Cincinnati Enquirer

Notes: The University of Cincinnati Eastern Campus hosted the Tax Reform Study Committee hearing on August 21st in Batavia (Clermont County) Ohio. The committee heard testimony from many people who have concerns about Ohio tax policy. Many Local officials continue to express concerns about continued cuts to essential resources for local communities. Joe Honerlaw, Springfield Township Trustee, stated in his testimony, “As a local Republican elected official, I am uncertain as to the logic and intent of the current Administration and legislature to the approach taken with local governments.”  He continued to highlight why shared services and the ‘innovation fund’ are not solutions to many local community problems.  

One Ohio Now’s State Director Gavin DeVore Leonard testified and asked for a tax conversation that cuts down on the hyperbole and  focuses on sound research that can be evaluated, tested, and adjusted in a manner that will allow Ohio and our communities enough revenue to invest in great public services that lead to stronger communities. 

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