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News & Notes August 2, 2013

Today’s Top Budget Headlines…

Tripple Whammy, Toledo Blade

Notes: With the elimination of the estate tax, a $95 million cut in the local government fund from the last budget, and a property tax rollback, local government’s continue to suffer under this budget. 

Bridge to Adulthood, Akron Beacon Journal 

Note: New state investment into kids in the foster care system is encouraging, but more is needed. Many youth who are on the periphery of foster care never receive or qualify for any services. We need Ohio’s legislature to ask, ‘how can Ohio become the best state for helping kids transition into adulthood?’ 

US Jobless Applications at lowest since early ’08, Toledo Blade

Note: While the U.S. Economy continues to show signs of growth, Ohio continues to miss opportunities. Ohio currently ranks 47th for the past 12 months of job growth. Investments in education, public safety and infrastructure create jobs and create great public services that lead to stronger communities. 

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