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News & Notes, August 19, 2013

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Today’s Top budget-related headlines…

State Cuts Cost Local Government, Dayton Daily News (Premium Content)

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Note: A great piece highlighting how the state budget is balanced on the back of local government. Through state revenues, the wealthiest Ohioans and corporations are asked to pay their fair share for great public services that lead to stronger communities. The continued shift away from revenue sharing will force more cuts to services and a more regressive tax system in Ohio. The state has cut 54% of their support for 20 local communities in the Dayton area since 2009. 

Ohio Payments to local government and schools, Dayton Daily News 

Note: When you look look at the total revenue gains and losses since 2010-11 budget, it is clear that Ohio has decided to not invest in local communities. 

OBM Director: work beginning on the Next MBR, Hannah Report

Note: Harmful tax cuts and other policies are discussed continuously at the statehouse and in Columbus. Do you think the Mid-Biennium Review (MBR) will seek to cut taxes for the wealthiest Ohioans? 

Officials say that tax cuts for the rich didn’t go far enough, Columbus Dispatch

Note: Ohio has steadily cut taxes for the rich. The most recent tax plan raises taxes on the poorest 20% of Ohioans while cutting the taxes for the wealthy by over 6,000.  The continued focus on Ohio’s top tax rate is a misplaced priority, because less than 3% of Ohioans even pay that amount. 100% of Ohioans rely on good roads, a well educated community and safe neighborhoods. 

Ohio’s failure to sustain critical funding for early education will cost state more down road, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Ohio needs to invest our resources intelligently. A penny-wise is a pound foolish in many circumstances. Investing in early childhood education is a win-win for all Ohioans–better education opportunities for kids, better outcomes in the long run, and more savings as a result. 

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